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Lisa Maier appointed full professorship

01.04.2022 News

Lisa Maier has been appointed to the professorship “Microbiome-Host Interactions” at the University’s Faculty of Medicine on April 1, 2022.

Her lab uses automated high-throughput and multi-readout approaches to systematically study the lifestyle of bacteria in the human microbiome. The resulting datasets are then used as a starting point for mechanistic studies to uncover the molecular details of how the microbiome interacts with its host.

Lisa Maier completed her studies in biochemistry at the University of Tübingen (2004–2009) and her PhD in the laboratory of Wolf-Dietrich Hardt at ETH Zurich (2014). As part of the interdisciplinary postdoctoral program at EMBL in Heidelberg, she worked in the groups of Nassos Typas and Kiran Patil (2015–2018).


In 2019, she returned to Tübingen as CMFI and Emmy Noether junior research group leader. The full professorship now started is funded by the Cluster of Excellence CMFI. The funding includes extensive basic equipment with cutting-edge technology as well as positions for scientific and non-scientific staff.

This is the second professorship appointment made possible by the CMFI. As part of the strategic further development of the CMFI's research environment, in addition to the two professorships "Bacterial Metabolomics" (Hannes Link) and "Microbiome-Host Interactions" (Lisa Maier), six Junior Research Groups as well as personnel for cross-institutional Core Facilities (e.g. sequencing, analytics, etc.) are funded.

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