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Central Office

The Central Office is the organisational unit of the CMFI. It supports the Executive Board and is responsible for administration. It is also responsible for the coordination of young researchers and the public relations work of the Cluster.

Portrait Dirk Kraus © Leon Kokkoliadis
Dr. Dirk Kraus

Board Member, Executive Manager

University of Tübingen
Cluster of Excellence CMFI

+49 7071 29-75488

Portrait Lisa Bleul
Dr. Lisa Bleul

Junior Faculty Management

 Portrait Leon Kokkoliadis © Leon Kokkoliadis
Leon Kokkoliadis

Public Relations Management

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Dr. Libera Lo Presti

Scientific Writing

Portrait Silke Schultz © Leon Kokkoliadis
Dr. Silke Schultz

Project and Finance Management

Portrait  Jessica  Slavetinsky
Dr. Jessica Slavetinsky

Junior Faculty Management

University of Tübingen
Cluster of Excellence CMFI
Auf der Morgenstelle 28

D-72076 Tübingen

+49 7071 29-75488