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CMFI 2023 Header

CMFI 2023

3rd International Conference

11.10.2023 Symposium

October 11–13, 2023
University of Tübingen
Tuebingen, Germany

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Conference program

Please have a look at the conference website for the  program

Conference program


Students / PhD Students  Free of charge

CMFI members  Free of charge

Regular  250 EUR

Social evening  Free of charge




Confirmed Speakers

Fredrik Backhed, Gothenburg
Michael Fischbach, San Francisco
Ruth Ley, Tuebingen
Lisa Maier, Tuebingen
Michael Otto, Bethesda
Eric Pamer, Chicago
Andreas Peschel, Tuebingen
Emma Slack, Zurich
Victor Torres, New York
Samuel Wagner, Tuebingen
Nadine Ziemert, Tuebingen



CMFI 2023 addresses pressing challenges of our time, such as the rise of multi-resistant pathogens and the roles of microbes in causing or preventing major chronic disease.  Our conference will bring together experts from different disciplines such as microbiology, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, biochemistry, natural products research, and microbiome science, to name just a few. Renowned experts from these fields already confirmed to talk at CMFI 2023.

Our Cluster of Excellence collaborates closely in a multidisciplinary network of basic and clinical scientists. CMFI 2023 will further connect us with strong and vivid international networks, to advance collaborative science and to connect people.

We invite you to register for our conference and share your research with other excellent scientists. CMFI 2023 will enable you to meet friends and colleagues from around the globe to discuss your research topics.  

Conference Chairs

Effie Bastounis

Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt

Elke Dittmann

Jorge Galan

Reiner Jumpertz-von Schwartzenberg

Ruth Ley

Lisa Maier

Bastian Molitor

Andreas Peschel

Daniel Petras

Christoph Ratzke

Samuel Wagner

Alexander Weber

Nadine Ziemert