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Diversity of plants: from genomes to metabolism

09.04.2024 Symposium Detlef Weigel

Symposium overview

This inaugural EMBO | EMBL Symposium will showcase the future of plant biology. Going beyond the limited number of wild and crop plants that have historically been focused on, modern comparative approaches are revealing the mechanistic bases and evolutionary forces driving the enormous phenotypic variation among the 400,000 plant species on Earth.

This conference is for biologists with an interest in plant diversity at the genomic, (epi)genetic, phenotypic and metabolic level. The major topical threads will be the biology of genomes, evolution of metabolic pathways, and evolution of environment-dependent and -independent phenotypes, which constitute some of the most exciting areas of contemporary biology.

Session topics

  • Evolution of genomes                                   
  • Evolution of metabolism I                              
  • Evolution of metabolism II                             
  • Biology of genomes                          
  • Plants in their environment                          
  • Evolution of phenotypes        

This conference will take place at EMBL Heidelberg, with the option to attend virtually.