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Diversity and evolution of the chemical potential of Escovopsis, a specialized parasite of fungus-growing ant gardens

28.03.2022 12:30 Uhr Vortrag Aileen Berasategui-Lopez

Sprecher/-in: Aileen Berasategui-Lopez (University of Tübingen, CMFI)

Ort: Online

Aufgrund der Corona-Situation finden die Termine der Microbiome Supergroup online statt. Der Link zur Veranstaltung wird über eine Mailingliste verteilt.

Bei Fragen kontaktieren Sie bitte Tanja Schön: tanja.schoen@tuebingen.mpg.de.

About the series

The microbiome super group is a biweekly seminar series where groups from the Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology and the University of Tübingen get together to discuss host-microbe interactions, microbial ecology, and the computational and statistical methods used in these fields. The seminar aims to strengthen the links between the different groups in Tübingen, to foster collaboration, and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between researchers. In each session one or two PhD students, postdocs, group leaders or invited speakers present their work in an informal setting.


The schedule for the Microbiome Supergroup Meetings is available here: