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Visualising evolutionary processes

01.08.2023 15:15 Uhr 16:00 Uhr Online, Vortrag James Rosindell (Imperial College)

Sprecher: James Rosindell (Imperial College)

Datum & Uhrzeit: 01. August 2023 | 15:15 – 16:00 Uhr

Ort: Sand 14, A301


The tree of life is a fundamental object that connects over 2 million known species of life based on their evolutionary history.  To manipulate and visualise such a large object represents a technical challenge that touches on the fields of mathematics, computer science and biology.  In this talk you will see how the complete tree of life can be effectively visualised and explored using fractals and a zooming user interface. We will see the underlying data structures and how the technical challenges were solved. To illustrate the relevance of the tree of life to research we will also explore measures of biodiversity that are informed by the structure of the tree of life.




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Passcode: 528863