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Andreas Peschel in the ARD podcast "Medizin von morgen" with Eckart v. Hirschausen and Katharina Adick

23.04.2024 In the Media

CMFI Cluster spokesperson Andreas Peschel talks in the ARD podcast "Medizin von morgen" about how difficult-to-treat hospital infections can be combated through the targeted use of benign bacteria. Peschel's research focuses on the bacterium Staphylococcus areus, whose multi-resistant variant is known as MRSA. Andreas Peschel describes the discovery of a substance (lugdunin) produced by the related bacterium S. lugdunensis that is effective against MRSA.


About the podcast

For the TV launch of the fourth season of the ARD series "Charité", which deals with the medicine of the future in the year 2049, ARD produced the podcast "Medicine of Tomorrow". In the podcast, Eckart von Hirschhausen and Katharina Adick talk to their guests about the medicine of tomorrow, which is already being researched today. In episode 1, "When germs make us healthy," they discuss the role of the gut microbiome in medicine and the new approaches it enables in the treatment of disease.

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