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Petras Lab: sixth CMFI Junior Research Group launched

14.05.2021 News

With the arrival of Daniel Petras, the sixth Junior Research Group of the Cluster of Excellence CMFI was launched.

Before coming to Tübingen, Daniel Petras was a postdoctoral fellow at UC San Diego. There, he studied the environmental metabolomics of marine microbial communities and plant-microbe interactions.

Petras's Functional Metabolomics Lab aims to determine the influence of small molecules on complex microbial communities by bringing together expertise from the fields of natural products research, mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and proteomics, as well as chemical and microbial ecology.

In particular, using native mass spectrometry, sequencing and laboratory-based microbiome model systems, Daniel Petras and his team investigate the molecular function of natural products in shaping the structure of microbial communities and the interactions with their hosts.

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