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Jumpertz Lab: seventh CMFI Junior Research Group launched

01.07.2021 News

With the arrival of Reiner Jumpertz-von Schwartzenberg, the seventh Junior Research Group of the Cluster of Excellence CMFI was launched.

Reiner Jumpertz-von Schwartzenberg worked as a physician and clinical scientist at the Clinic for Endocrinology at the Charité in Berlin for almost 10 years and now became attending physician at the Tübingen University Hospital. His main interest focuses on the clinical and translational aspects of the gut microbiome and nutrient absorption, metabolism and diabetes sub-clusters.

The Jumpertz Lab aims to investigate the underlying mechanisms leading to metabolic diseases with a focus on the interplay of the gut microbiota and host metabolism at the intersection of nutrient absorption.

The proects of the Junior Research Group are geared towards understanding how gut microbial communities and genetically engineered bacteria affect nutrient absorption and metabolism of the host in humans and gnotobiotic mice.

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