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Cellular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action and Production

2nd International Conference TRR261

22.05.2023 Konferenz Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt

The lack of new antibiotics is an urgent and ever-growing threat to human health. Besides increasing our clinical and preclinical efforts, we must increase our fundamental knowledge base on antibiotics to improve present discovery concepts and lay a foundation for sustainable translational research and development activities.
We will convene for an International Symposium on the Cellular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action and Production from May 22nd to 25th, 2023, three days filled with exciting basic science on antibiotic modes of action and biosynthesis.

Fascinating, elaborate natural products have evolved in nature, with powerful mechanisms of antibacterial action. Bacterial producer cells have developed sophisticated strategies for producing these complex agents and protecting themselves from their destructive potential. Studying bacterial physiology and cell biology in the presence of antibiotics also generates further knowledge about the general principles governing procaryotic life.

The meeting will be organized by the Collaborative Research Center 'Cellular Mechanism of Antibiotic Action and Production' (short 'antibiotic CellMAP'). Two hundred interdisciplinary scientists from the fields of, e.g., microbiology, natural product chemistry, biophysics, structural biology, pharmaceutical sciences, and biochemistry will share their latest news in antibiotic discovery.

The congress will take place in Bad Boll, a village in the pleasant countryside close to Tübingen, and we will have our conference dinner in a castle.