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Prof. Dr. Lisa Maier

Board Member, Coordinator Research Area B


University of Tübingen
Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine




Research Interest

In her research group, Lisa Maier uses automated high-throughput and multi-readout approaches to systematically analyze microbiome-host interactions. The resulting data sets serve as a starting point for mechanistic studies to unravel the interaction of the microbiome with the host at the molecular level. Lisa Maier is particularly interested in the microbes of the human microbiome and how their lifestyle influences the human host at different levels. Her team works with interdisciplinary approaches at the interface of microbiology, systems biology and computational biology and, together with partners from hospitals, pursues the goal of implementing the knowledge gained to improve human health.

Website Research Group Maier


About Lisa Maier

Lisa Maier has been appointed to the professorship ‘Microbiome-Host Interactions’ at the Faculty of Medicine in April 2022. She completed her studies in biochemistry at the University of Tübingen (2004-2009) and her PhD in the laboratory of Wolf-Dietrich Hardt at ETH Zurich (2014). As part of the interdisciplinary postdoctoral program at EMBL in Heidelberg, she worked in the groups of Nassos Typas and Kiran Patil (2015–2018). In 2019, she returned to Tübingen as CMFI and Emmy Noether junior research group leader. She has been a member of the CMFI Board and coordinator of Research Area B since 2023.


  • Robert-Koch-Postdoktorandenpreis für Mikrobiologie (2018)
  • ETH Medaille für eine hervorragende Doktorarbeit (2015)


Selected Publications

Müller P, de la Cuesta-Zuluaga J, Kuhn M, Baghai Arassi M, Treis T, Blasche S, Zimmermann M, Bork P, Patil KR, Typas A, Garcia-Santamarina S, Maier L. High-throughput anaerobic screening for identifying compounds acting against gut bacteria in monocultures or communities. Nat Protoc (2023) doi: 10.1038/s41596-023-00926-4.

Suzuki TA, Fitzstevens JL, Schmidt VT, Enav H, Huus KE, Mbong Ngwese M, Grießhammer A, Pfleiderer A, Adegbite BR, Zinsou JF, Esen M, Velavan TP, Adegnika AA, Song LH, Spector TD, Muehlbauer AL, Marchi N, Kang H, Maier L, Blekhman R, Ségurel L, Ko G, Youngblut ND, Kremsner P, Ley RE. (2022) Codiversification of gut microbiota with humans. Science 377(6612): 1328–1332. doi: 10.1126/science.abm7759.

Maier L, Goemans CV, Wirbel J, et al. Unravelling the collateral damage of antibiotics on gut bacteria. Nature 599: 120–124. (2021) doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03986-2.

Klünemann M, …, Maier L, et al. Bioaccumulation of therapeutic drugs by human gut bacteria. Nature 597(7877): 533-538. (2021) doi:

Maier L, Pruteanu M, Kuhn M , et al. Extensive impact of non-antibiotic drugs on human gut bacteria. Nature 555(7698): 623-628. (2018) doi:


You can find a complete list of publications here