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Postdoctoral Researcher in Bioinformatics (100 % TV-L) M/F/D)

Exzellenzcluster CMFI | Ab sofort

Become part of our team in bioinformatics, where advanced techniques blend with practical applications in cancer research and medical diagnostics. You'll focus on microbiome data analysis using high-throughput sequencing technologies, such as shotgun and 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Your role is key in exploring the complex interactions between microbes and hosts, contributing significantly to the development of new diagnostic and treatment methods in cancer biology.

Your Role

As a PostDoc at the University Hospital Tübingen's TMS lab under Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Stein-Thoeringer, you'll research cancer and microbiomes, focusing on sequencing tumor microbiome profiles.

  •  Conduct advanced research in bioinformatics, focusing on human microbiome data, particularly in the context of cancer.

  •  Utilize state-of-the-art sequencing methods to profile tumor microbiomes.

  •  Analyze and interpret complex datasets using robust statistical approaches.

  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of experts in bioinformatics, machine learning, immunology, and medicine.

Your Profile

  •  Ph.D. in Bioinformatics or Biology, or a Master's with equivalent experience.

  •  Proficiency in R/Python, bioinformatics tools (Kraken2, HuMAnN, MetaPhlAn, DADA2, Qiime2), bash scripting, and Linux.

  •  Experience in read mapping (BWA, Bowtie2, STAR) and handling sequence files (FASTQ, SAM/BAM) 

  •  Capable of large dataset management, with a strong grasp of microbiome sequencing techniques (shotgun metagenomics, 16S rRNA) and standard data science. 

  •  Ability to work independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team.

We Offer

  • The position will be available starting March 2024. It is a full-time role that extends until June 2025, with potential for renewal beyond this period.

  • Hands-on experience and significant contributions to medical and scientific research.

  • Close guidance and mentorship from leading experts in the field.

  • Exposure to diverse bioinformatics applications and methodologies.

Application Process

If you are interested, please send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with the contact details of two references to: Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Stein-Thoeringer (christoph.stein-thoeringer@uni-tuebingen.de)