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Understanding disease and regeneration with live-cell imaging

30.03.2022 6:00 pm Talk

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Shannon Mumenthaler (Keck School of Medicine of USC)

Effie Bastounis (CMFI)

Stefano Di Talia (Duke University)

Host: Cell Press

Moderator: Matt Pavlovich (Editor, Trends in Biotechnology)


Live-cell imaging is a microscopic technique used to understand the behavior and function of cells in real time. Among its many applications is the ability to study how cells respond to dysfunction, including processes related to infection, cancer, and physical injury. In this Cell Press webinar, Shannon Mumenthaler (University of Southern California), Effie Bastounis (University of Tübingen), and Stefano Di Talia (Duke University) will discuss the biological insights they’ve learned from observing the tumor microenvironment, host-pathogen interactions in the context of bacterial infections, and the dynamics of appendage regeneration.