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75th Mosbacher Kolloquium "The Microbiome –from Understanding to Modulation"

21.03.2024 Conference Ruth Ley, Lisa Maier

Speaker: Lisa Maier

Host: Ruth Ley, Nassos Typas, Jörg Vogel

Date & Time: 21–23.03.2024


More information to follow soon.



About the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM):

The GBM was founded in 1947 as the Society for Physiological Chemistry and was formed by splitting off from the German Physiological Society. The aim was to give the large subject of physiological chemistry a strong representation of interests.

Today, the GBM is the largest bioscientific society in Germany. It offers its approximately 5000 members from universities, research institutes and industry a strong external representation of interests vis-à-vis politics, industry and the public, as well as opportunities for international cooperation. Internally, the GBM opens up numerous opportunities for networking and the promotion of scientific careers.