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Hope for New Drugs Arises from the Sea

— Scientific American

01.08.2022 News

Genome mining tool showcased in Scientific American

Nadien Ziemert's Tool “Antibiotic Resistant Target Seeker” (ARTS) was showcased in Scientific American.

The article, "Hope for New Drugs Arises from the Sea," discusses the increasingly urgent search for new drugs and hope for the sea to be a source for new bioactive compounds.

Ziemert is Executive Board member and Principle Investigator at CMFI and an expert in applied natural products genome mining.

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Scientific Contact

Prof. Dr. Nadine Ziemert

Equal Opportunities Speaker

University of Tübingen
Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine Tübingen
Applied Natural Products Genome Mining
Tel.: +49 7071 29-78841


Press Contact

Leon Kokkoliadis
Public Relations

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