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PhD/Postdoc Position (Ratzke Lab) (EN)

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Can we use microbial interactions to fight infections?

Pathogens that are infecting us first have to interact with our native microbial communities. Those native microbes can support the pathogen or hinder it and thus prevent infectious diseases.

The goal of this ERC-project is to establish a novel microscopy technique to measure microbial interactions directly within host-associated microbial communities. This will allow us to identify microbes that can counteract pathogens and thus could be used as “living antibiotics” to treat and prevent infection diseases.

We have an open PhD or postdoc position starting mid 2023. The scientific work will be very interdisciplinary including the areas of systems biology/biophysics, microbiology, and ecology. Accordingly, we welcome scientists with a background in any of these or related fields. Central task of the position is to establish a new microscopy method in the lab, which requires some skills in optics and programming. Experience with microbial and C. elegans culture is a plus, but not strictly required. Applicants should be willing to work on a interdisciplinary and ambitious project.

Check out our homepage for more infos: www.cratzke.de

If you have further questions about the project, group or position please don’t hesitate to contact me (christoph.ratzke@uni-tuebingen.de). For application submit a CV, motivation letter and reference contacts to the above email.